Don’t waste your wait!

Waiting for a callback, waiting for the doctor, waiting on the perfect job, waiting to get pregnant… life is filled with moments of waiting.


The question is, what are you waiting for? Or perhaps an even better question is, who are you waiting on? Are you waiting on the event (whatever that may be)? Or are you waiting on a Person?

It has become increasingly apparent to me that when we wait for the event, our waiting is wasted on worry, anxiety, and impatient complaining. Because when we wait for the event, suddenly the wait appears needless and the destination paramount. However, if we shift our focus from the event to a Person, namely, the Lord, the wait becomes time well spent. It is an epic journey and even an event itself where God is revealing more of Himself to us.

So don’t waste your wait! Wait on the Lord and watch Him turn a seemingly needless delay into a personal encounter with Himself.

“Let integrity and uprightness preserve me, for I wait for You [O God].” Psalm 25:21

“Behold, the Lord’s eye is upon those who fear Him, who wait for Him and hope in His mercy and loving-kindness.” Psalm 33:18


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