Craving Community

We are all designed for community, regardless of personality.

And I’m not just referring to the kind of community that resides in the same zip code. We were created to communicate with others. Friends, family, colleagues, classmates, and clients are all part of this network called community. And with today’s technology and social media, it is easier than ever to connect with hundreds and even thousands of people around the world.

How is it possible then, that I can be drowning in connections and still crave community? Where is the disconnect between being surrounded by people and actually having community?


Community springs from authentic relationships that require effort to initiate and maintain. Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and LinkedIn connections, are merely an avenue to facilitate building relationships. Assuming a social media platform will magically be transformed into community is a catastrophic misconception. It requires individual hard work and persistence. But most importantly, community demands intentionality.

Communicate purposefully. Invest relationally. Create your own community.


3 thoughts on “Craving Community

  1. Very true, actually made me think. I love when posts make me think! My fiancé and I met through “social media”, but I suppose our intentionality and commitment turned us into a mini community. I definitely like how the tone of your writing is on the effort it takes to truly build bonds. So many people break up, or stop hanging out, friendships bleed out like they never meant a thing, like people can be replaced. A lot of the time, that makes me very sad, and I’ve been learning when to recognize that my efforts are simply not reciprocated my whole life. Still don’t always get it right! Tolerance and forgiveness aren’t just things you have, they are skills that need to be trained. Maybe we raise our kids wrong? Lol.

    • Thanks for sharing! It really is tragic how few relationships (well, meaningful relationships) are actually maintained for any notable duration. No doubt about it… building relationships, especially long distance ones, is difficult. Sometimes we need to be reminded that just because it is hard, doesn’t mean we give up. 🙂

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